About Me

Welcome to my blog! I’m Alyssa Hiller, and I call Boston’s most charming Beacon Hill neighborhood home. Here, you’ll find all things travel, food (and beverages, obviously), Boston and beyond.

Why travel, you ask?

Someone once called me “the Beyoncé of travel.” To anyone reading this, please ensure this is in my obituary God forbid something happens to me unexpectedly.

Growing up, my parents believed in experiential rewards and the importance of worldly views; we therefore traveled at every opportunity. By the age of 13, I’d seen most of Europe and North America, with ventures into Asia and Africa.

While my dad appreciated history, my mom experienced cultures through her stomach. If there was a language barrier, she’d point to whatever the locals were eating and confidently ask for one of those, even if met with concern (“That’s goat brain, Miss!”).

I most certainly inherited this trait. While context and adventure are important on trips, my most solid memories are quite honestly around the food I eat. From street meat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to Chef’s Table-featured, 16-course meals in Lima, Peru, I don’t have boundaries. Regrettably, I also am unsure of what it feels like to be full.

Fortunately, my husband and I share the same upbringing, and resultant passions for food and travel. At every given opportunity, we’re exploring (and consuming), whether it’s one mile from our apartment or halfway across the world. If he’s unavailable, I’m totally into the solo travel.

So, aside from frequent attempts to quench my insatiable wanderlust and hungerlust, what else do I do?

For the past nine years, I’ve been pursuing a career in marketing (public relations, event planning, branding and social media – the work). I graduated from University of Miami Summa Cum Laude (fancy words need italics) and immediately moved to the concrete jungle to attend grad school at New York University. Fun fact: I actually received the NYU ‘acceptance email’ two minutes before nearly drowning in a crowd of rabid fan girls outside of the DASH store in Miami, mid-internship for Bunim/Murray Productions (yes, I ‘worked’ for the Kardashians). Later that night, I tripped and fell in front of Kourtney and Scott, inches away from a rooftop pool. Solid day.

While in NYC, I was employed by a well-known public relations agency, supporting large-scale events with international audiences, including New Year’s Eve in Times Square and the Rockefeller Tree Lighting. I walked countless red carpets and appeared awkwardly in the background of several high-profile broadcast interviews and photographs, most notably during the “Hunger Games” press tour and week-long TriBeCa Film Festival.

I followed by boyfriend-turned-husband to Boston and continued working on the agency side, representing several international food and beverage accounts. At the peak of my portfolio, I simultaneously maintained reputable brands in the coffee, wine and chocolate categories (how do you go up from there?!) My largest media relations “wins” happened here in Boston, boasting several impactful pieces in all of my “dream” outlets – from Good Morning America and “New York Times” to “Food & Wine” and “People.”

With passions for food and travel, hospitality was the next best move. I became the Marketing Manager at one of Boston’s oldest and largest hotels, owned by the world’s biggest hotel chain. Strategic social media management was the most enjoyable part of my job, given the power to rectify issues in real-time and the ability to communicate with guests on very personal levels.

Here also began my introduction to and strong appreciation for the talented photography community in Boston, and we made magical, first-of-their-kind partnerships happen. My behind-the-screen Instagram relationships transformed into interpersonal ones, and I became integrated within the community myself. With support and wisdom, I even bought a camera and learned how to use it!

My full-time career transitioned into consulting (branding, marketing, social media, media relations), in addition to partnerships and collaborations with some of those social-media-followers-turned-friends-slash-business-partners.

What else do I want you to know?

My husband Dan is the best (i.e., Dan the Man, Saint Dan, etc.). I stared at the back of his head in an elective class, and we formally met on a wild, tequila-induced night at Senor Frogs in Miami back in 2008; alas, we’ve come a very long way into semi-adulthood. We are the proud parents to a handsome three-legged dog named Ace (“Tres”), whom I spontaneously rescued in Miami while Dan was in class.


Please get in touch! Email me at alyssa@thebeaconhiller.com and follow my adventures on Instagram: @thebeaconhiller

Photo by Erin DeFuria: @erinofboston