Birth of @thebeaconhiller

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I bought my first real camera less than a year ago. Initially, it was intended to capture my three-week honeymoon through Southeast Asia; nonetheless, it’s extended much further.

Thanks to my camera, I have a newfound appreciation for my surroundings and an eager outlook on tomorrow…an urgent need to wander, observe and explore, and a more positive attitude on things that once, well, irritated me. Snow contributes to enchanting, fairytale-like scenes, and rain yields magical reflections. Both once were a total nuisance.

My camera has taught me how to see without a camera. The same old buildings I pass every day now have history, character and charm. And they change daily, based on the people walking by and Mother Nature’s mood. I see more interesting things in once-ordinary places.

So, how did this all start?

Photo by @ddskline

With a career in marketing, I work with influencers regularly. One evening in Boston, I invited talented Instagram photographers to join an exclusive shoot for my international employer. Nearly every attendee had engaged with one another online, but it was at this event they excitedly met in person for the very first time.

A former Boston Globe reporter with strong support in the community approached me: “Who are you on Instagram?” he asked. I awkwardly assured him, I’m just the host, just the brand representative. I’m seriously no one special. “You can’t solely hide behind someone else’s brand! You must create your own.”

I thought about this and sat on it for months. I’ve always worked for other brands and people; it had never crossed my mind to build my own brand.

Alas, one winter morning…

Boston was slammed with a snowstorm. Schools were closed and driving banned. “Stay inside!” the news repeatedly advised.

I checked my employer’s Instagram account first thing in the morning and noticed an interesting trend within the community: Dedicated photographers were chronicling their adventures to the Beacon Hill neighborhood for snow storm shots. Some drove, despite warnings, and others were trekking miles against the brutally cold wind.

I wanted to see what the professionals were seeing and had a geographical advantage to do so. I unpackaged my brand-new camera and headed outside my front door into Beacon Hill. This once-Floridian was overcome with child-like exhilaration and joy. Pure pleasure. It’s a beautiful neighborhood all year round, but let me tell you, it sure is dreamlike in the snow.

That very morning, @thebeaconhiller was born. And I haven’t put my camera down since.

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